KAYOMI lifts rock music to a level that can only be expressed in contrasts: Because the chaos of the five instruments is surprisingly harmonious, because the electric recorder and the saxophone get along like childhood friends, because the bass and drums create a steady rhythm which is picked-up by the lead vocals. In this way, KAYOMI not only forge soundspheres that an individual listener can get lost in, but also invite the audience along on their journey. It's almost as if you're sitting in the car with them. Together, they create a space for withdrawing – a space for letting go and rediscovery.

KAYOMI found each other in places where you find people: the bar around the corner, the schoolyard, the service station. Ever since, they have shared each other's lightest and darkest moments. KAYOMI use their music to counter the stigma of anxiety and depression with something loud and danceable and unleash an energy that drives their live audiences to be swept along in a sweaty trance. And this is the same energy that they've packed into their first studio album: Forty minutes of moonlight for those seemingly hopeless moments on the road at night.

"Praying Mantis": Released on February 14th 2021
"Blood": Released on September 24th 2020
"My Moon": Released on August 7th 2020
"D.I. Dream": Released on July 3rd 2020
"Paranoid": Released on October 17th 2019


05.09.2020 Donaukanaltreiben - Das Werk INFOS HERE
14.09.2020 Gürtel Nightweek - Kramladen INFOS HERE
09.10.2020 Addicted to Rock Livestream - U4 STREAM HERE
16.10.2020 KAYOMI Anniversary gig - Chelsea Wien GET TICKETS
16.04.2021 Kerberos Records Labelnight - Arena Wien infos coming soon
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